Gregory Buchalter Gregory Buchalter - conducting color


Santa Fe Opera

PETER GRIMES - Santa Fe Opera

"Gregory Buchalter's forces had mastered every nuance of Britten's score: fragments of gossip, slander and rumor cohered into formidable choral numbers."

- Opera News (Simon Williams) November 2005

"When the full might of the orchestra was joined to the whole ensemble (a large and powerful chorus masterfully prepared by Chorus Master Gregory Buchalter), the effect was riveting".

- Ionarts (Charles T. Downey) July 24, 2005 (read the article)

"The huge choruses were magnificently done, much honor going to SFO music director Alan Gilbert for his leadership and choral director Gregory Buchalter."

- Opera Today (J. A. Van Sant) August 23, 2005

"The important chorus contributions betoken fine musical preparation by Gregory Buchalter."

- Dallas Morning News (Scott Cantrell) August 6, 2005

TURANDOT - Santa Fe Opera

"The orchestra, under Alan Gilbert, provided an expressive support, while Gregory Buchalter's cohesive chorus was yet another character itself."

- The Albuquerque Tribune (Margaret M. Barela) July 8, 2005

CARMEN - Santa Fe Opera

"Most impressive of all were the extraordinarily well sung and convincingly choreographed choral scenes, with the apprentice singers, under the expert direction of chorus master Gregory Buchalter, in top form."

- Ionarts (Charles T. Downey) August 6, 2006

"Gregory Buchalter's chorus sang well."

- Musical America (Sarah Bryan Miller) August 7, 2006


"The men's chorus, beautifully prepared by Gregory Buchalter, sounded particularly rich".

- The Albuquerque Tribune (Margaret M. Barela) July 15, 2005

"Choral contributions by Gregory Buchalter are superb."

- Dallas Morning News (Scott Cantrell) August 5, 2005